Who Or What Determines Your Hair Style?

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Hairstyles change like the cyclical change of seasons. They’re never the same, and you never know what the new hair trend will be each day when you wake up. According to InStyle, some of the 90s hairstyles that we all loved may be coming back. Remember the high ponytails, “The Rachel” (after the Rachel in Friends), skinny headbands, voluminous updos, choppy bobs, and crimped hair? Will they return?

For men, the Quiff haircut is ruling 2018. It’s the classic, voluminous glory style that seems to be on the big screens and covers of magazines. It’s characterized by extra length on the top and short faded sides. Then there’s the pompadour hairstyle that is a neater and more sophisticated look, but has the same short sides and long hair on top. How much longer will this style be on the popular scene?

What is your desired hairstyle? If you have hair loss, this question may be difficult for you to answer. Often times, if you have missing hair, you don’t get to determine your hairstyle. On the contrary, if you have hair loss, your hairstyle is determined by the best way to cover, hide or disguise your hair loss.

If you’re tired of your hair loss determining which hairstyle you must choose, then it’s time to contact Union Square Hair today. Dr. Ransom can help determine why you are losing your hair and make recommendations for you and your specific circumstances. Contact us today to arrange a consultation with Dr. Ransom.

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