FAQ Regarding Postpartum Hair Loss

Post partum Hair Loss San Francisco, CA

If you just had a baby, congratulations! Babies open your heart for love wider than you ever thought your heart could expand. Babies can also deliver you with unforeseen physical effects as well. One negative thing that can happen to you physically is the loss of your hair. This loss of hair for women is not a result of literally pulling it out due to lack of sleep. Instead, it is due to the drastic hormonal changes your body is going through.

Will my hair grow back?

Your hair that you lose as a result of childbirth will eventually grow back. Usually, by your child’s first birthday your hair will be back to normal.

Can I do anything to prevent my hair loss after my pregnancy?

There are steps you can take to prevent your hair loss after pregnancy. Continue to eat a healthy diet and keep taking your prenatal vitamin supplements. It’s essential to use gentle methods of styling your hair as well. Avoid blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons as much as possible.

What if I think I have excessive hair loss?

If you think you have more than usual hair loss, it’s essential to talk to a hair loss doctor like Dr. Ransom at Union Square Hair. You could have a condition called postpartum thyroiditis. This is a rare condition that can develop into a permanent complication.

What if I have permanent hair loss?

If you have permanent hair loss, it’s essential to get a correct diagnosis to determine why you are losing it. By getting an accurate diagnosis, it will save you time and effort trying to reverse your hair loss. Dr. Ransom at Union Square Hair Transplant offers a variety of treatments for your hair loss. Call and book your consultation with him today.

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