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Female Hair Loss San Francisco CA

When people think of hair loss, it is male hair loss that typically comes to mind. The majority of men lose their hair with age, so it is generally seen as a “rite of passage” into senior adulthood for men. However, the same cannot be said about women. Female hair loss that is not associated with post-partum is not regular in women. There are multiple reasons why women suffer from hair loss: hormonal changes, stress, vitamin deficiencies, or illness. Whether the cause of female hair loss is temporary or permanent, there are treatments that women can consider.

Nutrient deficiencies are relatively easy to address. Dietary changes and the use of supplements under the guidance of a doctor or nutritionist can go along way.

Specialized doctors should always address medical conditions that lead to hair loss. If a medical condition (and/or medication) is causing hair loss, it will be important that the medical concern is adequately treated. If losing hair is a symptom of a medical issue, it will be beneficial to address your health first.

However, some women suffer from female pattern baldness that is not caused by external conditions. At Union Square Hair in San Francisco, we offer modern hair transplant technologies to help female patients regain their look and confidence. Dr. Ransom leads our practice, and he is an accomplished facial plastic surgeon. This specialty gives him an artistry background to help patients achieve their goals. Our team of hair transplant professionals consults with each patient on an individual level to help determine the best treatment for every case. Our goal is to promote hair restoration that will result in new hair that looks and acts just like your natural hair.

Dr. Ransom understands the relationship between facial features and a person’s hairline. At Union Square Hair, we are committed to ensuring that our patients have the most advanced treatments available to them at an affordable price.

If you are interested in learning more about female hair loss treatment, please contact us today to schedule a consultation. We understand how personal this matter can be, and we are here to guide you through the process of hair restoration.

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