Hair Loss Related To Cancer

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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.” –C.C. Scott

There are many reasons you may be losing your hair. Often times, your hair loss is due to hormones. However, there are times when is can be due to the cancer treatment you are receiving. If this is the case, then you are fighting multiple battles, and it can become a very heavy burden for you.

Not all cancer treatments lead to hair loss. According to the Mayo Clinic “some chemotherapy drugs are more likely than others to cause hair loss, and different doses can cause anything from a mere thinning to complete baldness.” In addition to chemotherapy, radiation can also cause hair loss. It affects the hair in the area in which your receive radiation.

The Mayo Clinic also offers ways to “make the best” of your hair loss during your chemotherapy treatment.

  1. Be gentle to your hair by avoiding bleaching, coloring or perming it. Avoid heating devices such as curling irons, hair dryers and hot rollers.
  2. You may want to cut your hair. Short hair can appear fuller than long hair.
  3. Use gentle shampoos and brushes.
  4. Protect your scalp from the sun.
  5. Shaving your hear can reduce irritation from treatments and also prevent any embarrassment that can result from shedding.

With both radiation and chemotherapy, hair loss is typically temporary. However, there are times when it can be permanent or even grow in in ways that are unexpected, and not the same as before.

If you have experienced hair loss due to cancer treatment, and your regrowth does not occur or is inconsistent, contact Union Square Hair. Call Dr. Ransom for a consultation to discuss your hair loss solutions today.

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