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Not all hairlines are the same. If you’re curious about what kind on hairline you have you can begin by pulling all your hair away from your face to expose the line that separates your forehead and your hair. After drawing your hair back, you can use our guide below to determine which hairline type you have.

Widow’s Peak

If you have a hairline with a pointed central part, you have a widow’s peak. The term for the central descending V-shaped point in the middle of your hairline comes from an English folklore. It was believed that this hairline indicated a woman who would outlive her husband.


M-shaped hairline is very similar to a widow’s peak. An M-shaped hairline has high and wide sides, and the central point is a bit more rounded.


A rounded hairline is just as its name implied. It is rounded, neat, and smooth.

Straight and Square

A straight and square hairline also is just as its name implies. The top line is straight, and the sides run perpendicularly down each side of your face.

Do You Have A High, Medium, or Low Hairline?

A high hairline means you have a larger forehead and your hairline starts higher up on your head. A low hairline means your hairline is closer to your eyebrows.

Your Desired Hairline

If you are not satisfied with your hairline due to hair loss or genetics, there is a solution for you. Contact Union Square Hair Transplant today. We will provide you with common sense recommendations to suit your face type and hairline. We will help you make informed decisions about your desired outcome from your hair restoration. Call Dr. Ransom at Union Square Hair Transplant today.

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