Marin City Hair Transplant and Restoration

If you are in Marin City and need hair transplants or restorations, you can rely on Dr. Evan Ransom of Union Square Hair Transplant. We provide patients with hair transplant options that are affordable to everyone. If you believe you have financial restraints, you can speak to Union Square Hair Transplant to discuss flexible payment options.

Hair transplant and restoration are complex treatments which require a doctor who is qualified and experienced. Marin City residents can take advantage of the best hair transplant treatments anywhere in the United States. We provide a personal service that takes the individual needs of each patient into account. We are happy to consult with any patient to determine their needs and provide them with advice on the most appropriate treatment options.

Benefits of Using the NeoGraft System

The NeoGraft system is a handheld system that relies on the expertise of the doctor who provides treatment. Dr. Ransom has a history in facial plastic surgery, making him more than capable of providing excellence in transplant and restoration treatments.

NeoGraft is an advanced system that allows your doctor to pinpoint specific areas of hair loss or baldness. The system requires the expert hand of a doctor who has the relevant experience to ensure your hair transplant is successful. Unlike robotic systems, NeoGraft is completely controlled by the doctor performing your treatment.

We have plenty of room for new consultations, so feel free to contact Union Square Hair Transplant today to arrange an appointment. You will leave your no-obligation consultation fully informed on the choices available to you in hair transplant and restoration.