Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

At Union Square Hair Transplant, we are committed to providing the least invasive hair restoration treatments available. While most hair loss sufferers want to take steps to restore lost hair, life sometimes gets in the way. That is why Union Square Hair Transplant is happy to provide non-surgical options for patients who are not quite ready to commit to more invasive treatments.

The success of non-surgical options depends on an extensive knowledge of hair loss and potential causes. Union Square Hair Transplant does not endorse promoting non-surgical options that are not likely to work. We can provide a consultation where you are in full control of your treatment choices for hair loss.

You will find our team incredibly understanding and informative when dealing with the difficult choices you will face in choosing the best hair restoration treatment. It helps to have people who understand your goals and can help you choose the right treatment path for your specific circumstances.

Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements for Hair Loss

In many cases, hair loss is either preventable or reversible, meaning that any level of invasive treatment is unnecessary and potentially costly. After your initial consultation, Dr. Ransom may recommend vitamins and nutritional supplements to help with hair growth. If you do opt for hair replacement treatments, vitamins and nutritional supplements perform the same function.

The promotion of hair growth after your hair restoration is essential to the success of a treatment. Every patient wants to experience fast results, which is why Union Square Hair Transplant offers these essential additional products to all our patients.

For more information on vitamins and supplements that promote hair growth, contact Union Square Hair Transplant today. Our team can help you make informed purchases that truly represent your needs.