Times Have Changed When It Comes To Hair Replacement

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San Francisco Union Square Hair Transplant uses the latest advances in hair restoration techniques to solve your missing hair issues. Dr. Ransom uses a wide variety of approaches to meet each individual need of each of his patients. His “tool belt” is filled with expertise, equipment and advanced techniques to provide you with a hair solution and excellent, natural-looking results.

Sadly, many people still have an adverse emotion when they think about hair transplants and solutions for missing hair. This adverse reputation most likely comes from the history of poor hair replacement methods used in the past. Think about history books filled with pictures of men (and women) with wigs standing in a courtroom.

Do you recall Thaddeus Stevens and his famous offer of his wig to the admiring woman who requested a lock of his hair? The woman wanted to remember Thaddeus by keep a lock of his hair, and instead, Stevens took off his wig and handed it to her saying, “Here madam, you may have it all.”

In the 1950’s it was estimated that 350,000 men wore wigs and in the 70s it’s estimated that 2.5 million men wore hairpieces or toupees. Toupees are small hairpieces that are designed to cover partial baldness. The problem with the toupee is that it is fairly obvious to see that you’re trying to cover something.

Thankfully, times have changed drastically and you have Dr. Ransom leading the way for you in your battle against balding. He is an accomplished facial plastic surgeon, which gives him a unique perspective on hair restorations. His modern hair transplant approach and technology will help you regain your look and confidence. Contact us today and schedule your consultation to discover how Dr. Ransom can help you with your hair loss.

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