Tired Of Covering The Bald Spots?

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“You can call me a fat, balding, talentless old queen who can’t sing, but you can’t tell lies about me.” – Elton John 

If you are tired of covering your bald spots, you are not alone. Even the wealthiest and some of the most important people in the world feel that same way you do.

As the New York Times describes in their article, President Trump  “hovered his hands over his multi-angled locks, turned his back to the crowd to show off his solid-gold covering like a tarp keeping the rain out, then briefly touched the edges over his neck.”

Are you feeling a bit like Donald Trump with your attempts to cover your bald spots? If you’re tired of trying to cover your bald spots, it is time to discover your other options for your hair loss.

Union Square Hair offers a variety of options for you and your hair loss. Dr. Ransom also offers non-surgical hair loss treatments. Dr. Ransom is committed to providing the least invasive hair restoration treatments available.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Ransom will carefully diagnose the cause of your hair loss and then offer you with treatment that will provide you with hair restoration treatment options. Dr. Ransom will help you choose which option is best for you according to your specific circumstances, and help you achieve your goals that you have for your hair.

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