Using Your Hair To Attract Your Valentine

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s important to consider what your loved one is attracted to for maximum love-ability. Have you ever considered how hair can be involved in the attraction process?

Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows play a huge part in facial expressions and body language. A simple eyebrow raise on one side can tend to pull the same cheek side lip up a tad. This expression can give a questioning look to make your potential Valentine know you’re ready for some love. Your tilted eyebrow asks, “Are you ready as well?”

Your Hair

The flirting possibilities that involve hair are endless. For men, a simple running your hand through your head full of hair while flexing your biceps is tempting for most women. For women, the twirling of hair and covering of a portion of your face can have a sexy, shy effect that is enticing to your Valentine.

Your Beard

Let’s face it, some of the sexiest men in the world have a beard. That rugged face of hair screams of manliness, power, and intelligence all with a hint of rebelliousness. Your beard also is a healthy choice that is attractive. Beards can block up to 95 percent of harmful UV rays that will slow your aging process and reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Get Valentine’s Day ready by calling Dr. Ransom at Union Square Hair Transplant today. He will use the latest advances in hair restoration techniques to give you the optimal results that you’re looking for. He offers eyebrow, beard and other hair transplant options. Contact our office today to get your hair ready for some Valentine flirting.

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