What to Expect During a NeoGraft Procedure

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Before our clients come in for their NeoGraft hair transplant procedure, the team at Union Square Hair Transplant will outline each step of the process and what to expect. Though the procedure is minimally invasive and does not involve scalpels or stitching, many patients are naturally anxious about what will happen. During a personalized consultation, our compassionate board-certified doctor will answer any and all questions about the outpatient surgery and what to expect in the days and weeks that follow.

On the day of the transplant, patients are given a gentle dose of medication to help them relax and local anesthetics to numb the scalp. Our clients are our top priority before, during, and after the surgery. Many say they feel like they are at a day spa; they’re surprised by how comfortable they are during the grafting.

The actual procedure has two main parts: harvesting and placement. During harvesting, Dr. Ransom will use a specialized handheld device to apply air pressure to extract thousands of individual hair follicles from a designated area where hair is abundant or thick, typically referred to as the donor site.

During a patient’s meeting with the doctor before the surgery, the best area to implant the extracted follicles will be determined according to the client’s desire and the best growing pattern. With a mix of skill, experience, and artistic precision, Dr. Ransom will relocate the hair follicles to the balding areas.

This follicular extraction method has become extremely popular because it is far less invasive than older methods that involved transplanting strips of scalp under general anesthesia. With NeoGraft at Union Square Hair Transplant, recovery time varies by individual, but typical downtime is only one or two days. Pain medication will be prescribed, but many patients do fine with ibuprofen or acetaminophen. The transplanted hair typically takes root in about a week. Within three months, new growth is evident.

The entire team at Union Square Hair Transplant stands ready to serve you when you choose to have the NeoGraft transplant procedure. Call us today to discuss your hair restoration goals.

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