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New trends seem to pop up every year reminding us that there is something else we can improve in ourselves. One of the current trends gaining momentum right now is beard transplants. A quick search for the hashtag #beardstagram will reveal how popular thick, full beards have become over the last couple of years. Many men turn to supplements and serums to try to stimulate beard growth, but they often do not produce the wanted results. If you find that you are lacking confidence in your appearance due to a lackluster beard, a beard transplant can be an absolutely worthwhile option.

Men with bald or patchy beards or who have trouble growing facial hair are often looking for a solution to achieve the full beard they desire. At Union Square Hair, we help hundreds of patients each year regain confidence in their appearance through hair transplants. Men are known for being self-conscious when they begin to lose hair on the top of the heads, but it is often taken for granted that growing facial hair is “easy” because that is just what men do. For many men, this is simply not the case.

A beard transplant is a hair graft procedure that takes hair from the back of a man’s scalp and transplants the hair follicles into the beard area. By taking hair from the back of a man’s head and transplanting it to the face, the hair blends naturally into the beard. Hair from the back of the scalp most closely mimics the facial hair in texture so that a natural look is accomplished.

The cost of a beard transplant is determined by the number of follicles that must be extracted to achieve the look you want. For a full beard, approximately 2,500 individual hairs are needed. For men who simply wish to fill in bald patches, fewer follicles will be required. Your unique needs will determine the cost of your procedure.

If you are interested in getting your style back with a fuller, thicker beard, contact Union Square Hair. We will be happy to set up a consultation appointment to discuss your facial hair transplant goals.

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