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Hair loss is inevitable for most men and some women. For some people, they simply accept hair loss as a sign of maturity that comes with age. However, others find that they cannot accept baldness, and they are determined to do something about it. The fact of the matter is this: understanding hair loss will help you determine what you can do to either accept it or change it.

Fact 1: Heredity plays a huge factor in hair loss. If one of your parents suffered from hair loss, there is a very high chance you will experience from the same level of hair loss. Regardless of gender, the gene responsible for approximately 90% of hair loss causes is the one that matters most.

Fact 2: Some hair loss is reversible. For those who do not inherit the gene responsible for hair loss yet still find that they suffer from baldness, changes can be made to reverse hair loss. External factors that contribute to hair loss include diet, habits, and stress. If one of these plays a role in losing your hair, specific changes can alter the effect. If you can reduce stress factors, you may see that your hair gradually begins to grow back. The same is true for changes in diet and eliminating bad habits (i.e., smoking, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, etc.).

Fact 3: The specific cause of your hair loss requires a correct diagnosis. Before attempting to address the issue of baldness, you need an accurate analysis. You will save yourself a lot of time, money, and effort trying to reverse your hair loss if the condition is correctly diagnosed.

Fact 4: Not all hair loss is reversible. If genetics play a role in your hair loss, you cannot reverse it. In these cases, a hair transplant can help you regain a full head of hair and your confidence.

Fact 5: You must find a hair transplant specialist that you can trust. If you see advertisements for cheap hair plugs – run away as fast as you can! You will waste your money and time, and you can often find yourself with an infection or in a worse state by turning to a “doctor” who cannot be trusted.

At Union Square Hair Transplant, Dr. Ransom can make an accurate diagnosis to determine why you are losing your hair. From there, he can offer the treatment you need. Contact our reputable practice today to arrange a consultation with Dr. Ransom.

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