Your Mother’s Eyebrows

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Happy Mother’s Day to all of you amazing moms! May 13th is a day to pause and reflect on all that your mother taught you over the years. There’s one thing your mom probably never explicitly taught you, but you just KNEW what it meant.

“The Look”

Every mom has that look they give to their children, and the children understood exactly what it meant. It usually involved a raised or narrowed eyebrow. If you got the combination of a raised and narrowed eyebrow at the same time, you knew you were in for double the trouble this time!

Mom’s Eyebrows

Moms’ eyebrows are vital. They offer the symmetry and framing to her face. If your mom has full eyebrows, she may get them waxed or plucked on a regular basis.

The Absence Of Mom’s Eyebrows

If your mom has little or no eyebrows she may try techniques that try to disguise their absence. While these techniques are helpful, they often fall short in appearance when compared to what a real eyebrow offers her face.

If your mom has little or no eyebrows, why not give her the gift that she wants, but would never ask for. Dr. Ransom at Union Square Hair is an accomplished facial plastic surgeon. This gives him the edge when it comes to performing you or your mother’s eyebrow hair transplants. He understands how to restore your natural relationship between your eyebrows and your other facial features.

Contact Union Square Hair today to speak to our experts about getting an eyebrow hair transplant today.

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